Brew Guides

V60 Brew Recipe.


30g fresh, whole bean coffee
Soft, clean water
2 cup V60 brewer and paper filter
Scales & timer


Pop your water on to boil, thoroughly rinse your paper filter and discard the rinsing water.

Weigh out and grind your coffee, aiming for a couscous like consistency, and add to the brewer. Tap the sides of the cone to level out the coffee bed.

Place the brewer on your decanter and the whole ensemble onto your scale. Don’t forget to tare everything off before you start brewing.

Your brewing water should be just off the boil, around 95C. Remember to pre-warm your pouring kettle if you’re transferring hot water across from an electric kettle.

Start your timer and bloom the coffee: aim for the centre and slowly drip water to saturate the grounds, using about 60g water.

After 30-45s, when the bloom stops expanding, add your water in a steady stream, pouring over dark or bubbly patches if they appear. Continue pouring, keeping the kettle’s spout low, drawing concentric circles until the scale reads 500g.

Aim to keep the level of your brewing water about 2/3 up the inside wall of the brewer, and try to avoid favouring any particular section of the cone. Stir to spin the slurry once you reach your target weight to help the bed drain evenly.

Your brewing water should have completely drained through the coffee bed by 3:30. If it takes much longer you may need to grind coarser, pour faster or buy some new grinder burrs.

Discard the spent paper and grounds, swill the brewed coffee and decant.

Savour and enjoy!