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French Press (Cafetiere) Brew Recipe


45g fresh, whole bean coffee
Soft, clean water
French Press
Scales & timer


Pop your water on to boil. Make sure to use some to pre-warm and rinse your French Press and decanter.

Weigh out and grind your coffee, aiming for a couscous like consistency, and add to the brewer.

Place the brewer on your scale and tare off.

Your brewing water should be just off the boil, around 95C.

Start your timer and add 450ml water, making sure to not leave any dry patches high and dry.

Stir the coffee to make sure there are no dry patches on top, or any clumps at the bottom of the brewer.

At 3 to 4 minutes, push down any grounds that have floated up to the top using the back of a spoon. Skim off any foam from the surface if you prefer a cleaner cup.

Set the plunger in place, and very gently press until the mesh reaches just above the coffee bed at the bottom of the brewer.

Wait another couple of minutes before gently pouring the entire contents into your warmed decanter. This settling time will reduce the amount of sediment in the cup. If you can resist it, wait another couple of minutes to let the coffee settle in the decanter before pouring into cups.

Savour and enjoy!