Rwanda - Tuzamurane - Forge Coffee

Formed in 2022, Tuzamurane is a relatively new cooperative. Josie, the head of the co-operative, is also the land owner for the 35 women that form the cooperative. They have been growing coffee for around 13 years. The women have been wanting to work with Kinini for agronomist support and washing station services as their reputation in the area has grown. In Rwanda, there are laws regarding which washing station you can deliver to. Kinini had to apply for a special license in able provide this service, and Tuzamurane are the first outside of the traditional catchment area in the Northern Sector to be able to work with Kinini in this way. Fittingly, Tuzamurane is a Kinyarwanda word that translates roughly as ‘lift one another up’ or ‘support each other’.

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  • Tuzamurane

    • Region
    • Mageragere
    • QG
    • 84.5
    • Altitude
    • 1800 - 1950 masl
    • Variety
    • Bourbon
    • Flavour
    • Blackcurrant, Fudge, Citrus, Dried Plus