Origins Colombia/Huila

Colombia Huila Des Gigante is an Excelso, sourced from coffee growers producing mainly Caturra and Typica varieties. Grown at an altitude ranging from 1300-1600 meters above sea level. Gigante is known as one of the strongest coffee and cocoa producing areas of Huila, close to the Magdalena River located in the central-eastern part of the Huila region.

The Mountain Water Process involves immersing the coffee beans in water at varying temperature and pressure in order to extract the 99.9% of the caffeine. No chemicals are used, and a filtering process allows the beans to maintain their characteristic flavour.

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  • Colombia

    • Region
    • Huila, Cachaya
    • Altitude
    • 1300-1600 masl
    • Variety
    • Caturra, typica
    • Aroma
    • Sweet
    • Flavour
    • Citrus
    • Body
    • Creamy, clean, round
    • Acidity
    • Bright